Orders War


Take part in the Orders War and you will earn points for performing the following actions in both your home Kingdom and the enemy Kingdom:

  • Constructing and upgrading buildings
  • Conducting Studies
  • Constructing buildings in the Order Citadel
  • Conducting Studies in the Order Citadel
  • Transforming usual resources into special ones in the Order Citadel
  • Destroying enemy troops
  • Healing and resurrecting warriors
  • Attacking Assailants
  • Yielding resources in resource locations

If you attack Assailants and yield resources in the enemy Kingdom, you will earn more points than for the same actions performed in your home Kingdom.

During the Orders War, you can attack any Town in the enemy Kingdom, but Tournament points are awarded only for destroying troops in Towns that belong to Lords of the enemy Order.

If you join an Order after the Orders War appears in the “Soon to be active” section of the Events window, you cannot earn points for your alliance, even if you complete all the tasks of the worldwide Tournament. In order for the points you earn to count, you must be an Order member before the Tournament notice appears.

If during the Tournament one of the opposing Orders is disbanded, it will lose all points earned. The other Order becomes the winner and continues to earn points for performing all actions, except for destroying enemy troops.

Victory in the Orders War gives you:

  • Bonuses that speed up construction, studying, and resource transformation in the Order Citadel
  • Townscape (if you earned at least one point for completing Tournament tasks)
  • Sets of items with resources (if you are the Order Master), where the amount of resources depends on the League your Order belongs to
  • Rewards for passing checkpoints (if you earned at least one point for completing Tournament tasks)
  • Gold for taking top positions in the Orders War rankings

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