Joining an Order
Helping allied Lords
Personal Points and Order Points
Creating and disbanding an Order
Order Code

Joining an Order

There are three ways to join an Order. The first is to join an open Order. The second is to send a request to join a regulated Order and wait for approval. The third is to receive an invitation to join one from the Order Master or a Counselor.

After you join an Order, you will get access to the following tabs: Order Code, Order Citadel, Order Store, Order wall, Statistics, Battles of Order members, Help Order members, and Raids.

You can leave the Order once 24 hours have passed since you joined it by clicking "Leave Order."

If you leave the Order, you can only rejoin it after 24 hours.

There are five ranks in every Order:
V – Master
IV – Counselor
III – Marshal
II – Warrior
I – Recruit

Recruits, Warriors, and Marshals of an Order have access to the Order's standard functions.
Counselors and the Master of the Order have more permissions. In addition to the standard functions, they can also:

  • Delete messages on the Order wall.
  • Send invitations to Lords to join their Order.
  • Procure items for the Order Store (in exchange for Order Points).
  • Change Order members' ranks (Counselors can grant or remove the rank of Marshal, Warrior, or Recruit, but only the Master of the Order can grant or remove the rank of Counselor).
  • Exile Order members, but only after 24 hours have passed since they joined the Order.

Moreover, some special functions in the Management tab are available for the Master and Counselors of an Order.

There can be only one Lord with Master rank in an Order. Usually this is the Lord who created the Order or the Lord who was given this rank by the creator. The Master has access to all functions including the right to disband an Order or appoint another member as new Master of the Order. Moreover, only the Master can add chapters to the Code, edit or delete them.