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A Tournament is a special type of competition for Lords. Participate in them to get various rewards – game items or even Gold. Each Tournament has various tasks that players must complete: training warriors, destroying enemy troops, yielding resources, etc.

To view the list of Tournament tasks, open the Events window on the Town screen and select one of the available Tournaments. In the Info tab, you will see the list of all the tasks, the number of points you get for completing them, and the rewards for doing so.

There are four types of Tournaments: personal, special, worldwide, and era-defining. They are unrelated; in personal Tournaments, the player takes part as an individual, while in special Tournaments, they take part as an Order member. In worldwide Tournaments, Kingdoms or Orders from different Kingdoms do battle. Era-defining Tournaments take place only in the Dominion. Only Lords who are Order members and whose Palace is at least level 21 can participate in them.

Please note:

  • All players from the opposing Kingdoms take part in worldwide Tournaments – the Kingdoms War, Kingdoms War: Retribution, and Kingdoms War: Rebellion. In the Orders War, it is the members of alliances from the competing Kingdoms who participate.
  • If a player joined an Order in the 30 minutes before the Tournament was announced, they won't participate in the Tournament and won't receive any points.

Depending on your game progress, you are assigned to one of seven Leagues, with the most powerful Lords in the Royal League.
Personal Tournament Leagues are unrelated to special Tournament Leagues. Your League in personal Tournaments is determined by the level of your Palace, while your League in special Tournaments depends on the number of Power points your Order has.

You cannot change your League while a Tournament is in progress. If you upgrade the Palace while a Tournament is in progress, you will enter the next League only after the current Tournament has ended.

Tournaments are time-based. The expiration time is displayed on the Tournament timer. When a new Tournament starts, you can perform specific tasks and earn points. The more points you earn, the better the reward. The reward value increases with each checkpoint. You can view the scale that displays your achievement progress by opening the Tournament's Info tab. By completely filling the scale with points, you will get all of the Tournament's available rewards.

As well as an Info tab, each Tournament has a Ranking tab, where a list of the Lords or Orders that have earned the most points is displayed. To see what bonuses you can get for achieving a top position in a Tournament, click the Lord icon or Order icon (for personal or special Tournaments respectively).