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Aes enhancement

Northern gods are listed in the Aesir tab. To receive support from any Aes, you must enhance the Aes to level one. Aesir have a total of 10 levels. The maximum upgradeable Aes level is limited by the level of the Sanctuary of the Aesir.

Enhancing an Aes's level varies depending on the Aes: some can be enhanced for resources, while others only for Gold or the Soul Shard item.

You can get it:

  • For killing enemy warriors from foreign Kingdoms
  • For destroying neutral troops that defend Towers of Fury
  • For destroying troops led by jötunns during a Stronghold siege

You can find opponents during global Competitions, in the vast lands of Jotunheim, and while Siege status in the Stronghold is active.

The number of all the Soul Shards you have is displayed in the My Items window, Resources tab.

During the Aes enhancement process, you can apply speed-ups. Bonuses from VIP status, free autocompletion, and help from Clan members don't affect Aes enhancement.

If you've started one enhancement of an Aes for resources, you can perform another enhancement for resources only after the current process is complete. If you cancel the Aes enhancement, the resources spent won't be returned to you.

To quickly access Aesir and boosts, add them to Favorites by hitting the star in the Aes information window, or in the Boosts window. Please note: an Aes that has been summoned is automatically added to Favorites while this Aes is active.

Influence received for enhancing Aesir doesn't count towards your score in Competitions. It is displayed in the Palace (in the Influence category of the Statistics tab).