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Subscriptions tab
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In the Bank, you can buy various packs that contain items, resources, equipment, and Gold*.

* Gold is a special resource that allows you to instantly perform game actions: train and upgrade warriors, construct buildings, learn Knowledge, craft Hero's and Shamans' equipment, and enhance Aesir. Gold also allows you to purchase various items and boosts that affect economic and military stats.

To go to the Bank, hit the corresponding icon in the upper right corner of the screen on the Town map or hit the lucrative offer icon.

The Bank has four tabs: Special, Packages, Subscriptions, and Gold.

The Special and Packages tabs contain special Bank offers. In the Gold tab, you can purchase packs that contain only Gold. By signing up for a subscription in the Subscriptions tab, you will receive items, resources, and Gold for a certain period of time. Enter this tab daily and claim your reward in the special block at the top of the screen.

If all Bank offers have been purchased (except for packs in the Gold tab), then the lucrative offer window won't be displayed for the rest of the day. The lucrative offer icon also won't be displayed. New packs will become available after a certain time.

Please note: purchasing Bank offers in contravention of the payment service will result in the Bank being blocked.

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