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Subscriptions tab
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Subscriptions tab

The Subscriptions tab consists of the offers block and the rewards block.

Offers block

When you subscribe to Gold or resources, you'll immediately receive free Gold and some of the Gold or resources from the purchased pack. You can claim the remaining portion every day (once every 24 hours from the start of your subscription) for a certain number of days.

A special marker indicating the number of updates is displayed in the tab.

Updates may include:

  • A new subscription has been added. The marker will disappear if you enter the tab.
  • You can now claim a reward in an active subscription. The marker will disappear if you claim the current reward.

Please note:

  • Each subscription is intended for a certain number of days (stated in the offer).
  • The whole contents of the offer (except for free Gold) is divided by the number of days in the subscription. So you'll receive a fixed amount of Gold or resources as long as your subscription is active. The "Claim" button is displayed only if you have subscribed to that particular offer.
  • If you don't visit the game for a day/several days, you'll receive your reward for all the days you missed when you next enter the game.
  • You can have several active subscriptions at the same time.

Rewards block

Enter the Bank daily and receive a reward. You can claim it in the special block at the top of the screen. There you'll also see the timer displaying the time left until the next reward appears.

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