Battle for the Throne
Town relocation
The end of the Battle for the Throne


The Battle for the Throne is a legendary Competition that takes place in Jotunheim. Within this icy world, Jarls from all Kingdoms fight for the Throne of Jotunheim Fortress and the honorific of King. You can find all the necessary information (the time of start and end of the Competition, the tasks, and so on) in the Events window, the Battle for the Throne block.

The Battle for the Throne lasts for 2 days. In order to win, you need to capture and hold the Throne of Jotunheim Fortress for the longest duration, the time of all capture attempts is added together. During the Competition, the results of other Jarls will be hidden and they will become available only when the event ends.

Only Jarls who are Clan members with a Palace of level 21 or higher and an account older than 30 days can participate in the Battle for the Throne.

You can view the map of Jotunheim, info on the events, or go to Jotunheim by using:

  • The "Jotunheim" button in the game Menu

  • The icon for the active "Battle for the Throne" legendary Competition on the Global Map

  • The Jotunheim icon on the Kingdoms Map

  • The Competitions block in the Events window marked "Jotunheim"

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