Battle for the Throne
Town relocation
The end of the Battle for the Throne

The end of the Battle for the Throne

If you are in Jotunheim when the legendary Competition ends, your Town automatically relocates to your home Kingdom to the location of the Town's Echo (the object that keeps your territory on the Global Map while you're in Jotunheim).

If you are attacking or performing any other actions when the Battle for the Throne ends, all actions will be canceled, your troops will return instantly, and your Town will be relocated to the home Kingdom.

The Jarl who wins the Battle for the Throne gets the following rewards:

  • The honorific "King of Jotunheim" and the corresponding bonuses
  • A choice of one Legendary piece of equipment from the King's pack
  • 10B Food, Lumber, Iron, and Stone
  • 8B Silver
  • 8M Gold
  • The right to assign Titles to any six Kingdoms
  • A unique King icon in Chats
  • A unique icon for the King's home Kingdom on the Kingdoms Map
  • 20 coffers of gifts that the King may keep or give to other Jarls
  • The unique Jörmungard Town Skin
  • A unique Hero's skin
  • The right, for the entire duration of their rule, to select the Invader who will appear in all Kingdoms for a week
  • Access to direct communication with a company representative

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