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Hero’s Double
Peace Treaty
Prophet and Second Craftsman
Infirmary Expander
Town Skin


Disguise is a special category of items that allow you to temporarily hide your Hero's equipment and information about your Shaman and summoned Aes from all Jarls.

Nobody will see your leader's equipment for 1, 8, or 24 hours, depending on the item you applied.

You can purchase items in the Clan Store for Loyalty Points and as part of Bank offers. You also have a chance to get them by attacking Uber Invaders.

There are two ways of applying the items:

  1. Open the Items window, proceed to the My Items tab, then go to the Military section.

2. Activate it in the Boosts section.

Important! If you apply several items, their durations are added together. For example, if you apply the 1-Hour Disguise item and then activate the 8-Hour Disguise item, the total duration of the bonus will be 9 hours.

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