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Town Skin

A Town Skin allows you to temporarily change your Town's appearance on the Global Map. It also gives you a number of bonuses that improve various game stats.

There are six Town Skins in the game:

  • Warrior's Fortress, which you can purchase in the Item Store for Gold

  • Raven's Rest, which you can only purchase as part of Bank offers

  • The Cradle, which you can get as a reward for taking part in Competitions

  • Home of the Aesir, which you can get as a reward for taking part in Competitions

  • Bastion of the Beast, which is received by Jarls who have earned at least one point in the global Clans Battle Competition

  • Dragon's Citadel, which you can get as a reward for taking part in Competitions

  • Jörmungard, which is received by a Jarl who has won the Battle for the Throne

Bastion of the Beast can have two durations: 1 day and 5 days, while Jörmungard lasts only 7 days. The duration of all of other Town Skins is 1 day and 7 days.

There are three ways to apply the items:

1. Opening the Items window, going to the My Items tab, then opening the Bonuses section.

2. Opening the Profile tab in the Palace and hitting the "Change Skin" button.

3. Activating them in the Development section of the Boosts window, Town Skin category.

Important! If you apply several items, their durations are added together. So, if you activate the "Warrior's Fortress, 24 Hours", and then the "Warrior's Fortress, 7 Days", the bonus will be active for 8 days.

Please note:

  • If you activate a Town Skin that is different from the current one, it will replace the current skin, regardless of the time left.
  • If you relocate to another Kingdom and you have an active Peace Treaty, Town Skin, or Repute assigned by the Konung, it will remain active in the enemy territory too.