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Building demolition

Building demolition

You may demolish some buildings* if needed and build others in their place. To remove a building, you need to hit the "Demolish" button, and then choose one of the following methods:

  • Destroy — instant destruction of a building using the special Torch item
  • Dismantle — free demolition of a building that takes half the time of the building's last upgrade

Resources spent on constructing a building won't be returned after the building is destroyed. Also, having destroyed a building, you will lose the Influence points earned and lower the economic stats this building affected.

*You cannot demolish:

  • Preset administrative buildings
  • Mead Hall
  • Forge
  • Market
  • War Bloc
  • Workshop
  • Hall of Mysteries
  • Rune Workshop
  • Valkyries' Citadel
  • Sanctuary of the Aesir
  • Barracks and Infirmary if they are the only one of their type left in the Town and if a warrior training/healing process is activated

All resource buildings can be demolished.