The administrative buildings are a vital part of the Town and are necessary for performing game actions such as forming troops, learning Knowledge and more. The resource buildings provide resource production. The player needs to upgrade the buildings to develop the Town and score Influence points.

Construction and Building Upgrades
Types of Buildings

Types of Buildings

The Palace is the main building and dwelling of a player. You can view all their Town stats there. Upgrading the Palace unlocks the ability to upgrade other buildings.

The Oracle allows you to receive Knowledge that improves or speeds up gaming processes.

The Shrine of Odin – upgrading it increases the number of war marches that can be sent at a time, as well as the maximum number of warriors on each of the marches.

The Mead Hall allows you to receive reinforcement troops from other players and determines the maximum number of warriors your Town can host.

The Watchtower alerts you about an attack on your Town and enables the use of the Navigator search.

The Vault prevents some of your resources from being plundered during attacks by other players.

Important for Clan members! The Vault in the clansman’s Town whose Palace is below level 6 has a limit for accepted resources equal to its current capacity. Unaccepted resources and part of the tax are returned to the sender.

The Wall provides an extra line of defense for your Town.

The Forge allows you to craft armor and weapons for the Hero and Shamans. The equipment grants bonuses to key military and economic stats.

The Workshop allows you to fuse gems, which increase your Hero and Shamans’ equipment bonuses. Here you can also inlay runes into the 4th slot of a Legendary piece of equipment.

The Hall of Mysteries contains all the information on the Shamans, including their Skills, abilities and bonuses, as well as available equipment. Upgrading this building increases the amount of experience points the selected Shaman earns. To build the Hall of Mysteries, your Palace needs to be at least level 12.

The Rune Workshop allows you to create and fuse runes, which give your Hero or Shamans substantial bonuses when inlaid into their equipment. To build the Rune Workshop, your Palace needs to be at least level 12.

The Market allows you to exchange resources with the other players in your Clan. Upgrading the Market lowers the exchange rate and speeds up the marching pace of your trade convoys.

Important for Clan members! The Town of clansman whose Palace is below level 6 cannot accept resources that exceed their Vault capacity. Unaccepted resources will be returned to the sender along with the corresponding tax that is calculated from the actually sent and returned resources.

For example, you’ve sent 10,000 Lumber paying 10% Market tax equal to 1,000 Lumber. This way:
- You’ve sent 9,000 Lumber (10,000 - 1,000).
- 7,000 Lumber was accepted by the clansman’s Town (the capacity of the Vault of the recipient Jarl).
- The tax for this amount of resources is 778 Lumber. You need to spend 7,778 Lumber given the 10% Market tax for the 7,000 Lumber to go to the clansman in a convoy.
- The remainder of 2,000 Lumber (9,000 - 7,000) will be sent back to your Town with part of the tax (222 Lumber).
- 222 Lumber is the difference between the tax you initially paid (1,000) and the tax for resources accepted by the clansman (778).
- In total, 2,222 Lumber will be returned.

The Barracks allows you to train your warriors and determines the number of warriors in training at one time, as well as provide access to your troop stats.

The Hero’s Abode contains all the information on the Hero, including their characteristics and the equipment available (armor and weapons). Upgrading the Hero’s Abode increases the amount of experience points your Hero earns.

The Infirmary allows players to heal or delete warriors who have been injured in battles for their Towns or outside.

Healing works as follows: all wounded warriors go to the Infirmary following an attack on your Town. If there are more warriors than the building can hold, 70% of those who don't fit are sent to be resurrected and 30% are destroyed. Using the Infirmary Expander items, you can increase the capacity of all Infirmaries in the Town.

Wounded warriors go to the Infirmary in decreasing order: from the highest tier to the lowest. You can delete warriors from the Infirmary to clear space for other more valuable ones. The healing process is performed for both resources and Gold.

Also 70% of warriors who fall in battles outside your Town (fighting in other Towns, resource locations, or the Place of Power) go to the Resurrection tab. You can resurrect them instantly for Gold for a week. Please note that there is no restriction on the number of resurrections you can carry out in the Infirmary. Using the Will to Live items, you can send some warriors killed outside the Town for healing.

The War Block allows you to form and participate in Onslaughts — joint attacks by members of one Clan on other Jarls, who can be Clan member or individual players.

The Valkyries' Citadel allows you to improve the characteristics of all types of troops: melee, ranged, cavalry, killers, siege, and scouts. Increase the building's level to get access to warrior upgrades of higher tiers. To build the Valkyries' Citadel, your Palace needs to be at least level 12.

The Sanctuary of the Aesir allows you to summon and enhance Aesir. Their patronage and blessing significantly affect warrior stats and Town development. Upgrade this building to get access to new Aesir and their power levels. To build the Sanctuary of the Aesir, your Palace needs to be at least level 18.

The Farm, Lumber Mill, Stone Quarry, Mine and the Manor are the resource buildings that carry out the production of basic resources (Food, Lumber, Stone, Iron and Silver, respectively) and define the maximum storage capacity of the Town. The Manor also allows you to increase the training speed of warriors.


Pay attention to values such as resource buildings capacity. If you produce more of a certain resource than the resource building capacity, then production of that resource will be suspended. You need to upgrade a building to increase its resource capacity.

You can view info on the capacity of buildings in your Town in Palace Statistics, in the Resources section.