Clans Battle
Special Features

Special Features

You can earn points during the Clans Battle for the following actions performed both in the home Kingdom and in the foreign Kingdom:

  • Constructing and upgrading buildings
  • Upgrading Knowledge
  • Constructing buildings in the Stronghold
  • Upgrading Knowledge in the Stronghold
  • Transforming resources in the Stronghold
  • Destroying enemy troops
  • Resurrecting and healing troops
  • Attacking Invaders and Uber Invaders
  • Yielding resources in resource locations

You will earn more points for attacking Invaders and Uber Invaders and yielding resources in a foreign Kingdom than for the same actions in the home Kingdom.

Note that during the Clans Battle, you can attack any Town of the opponent Clan regardless of its Palace level (such Towns are highlighted in red). However, attacking Jarls who are not members of your opponent Clan will not earn you points for the Competition.

If you joined the Clan after the Clans Battle appeared in the Events window, the points you earn will not count towards the total Clan points, even if you complete all the Competition's required tasks. In order to make your earned points count, you need to become a Clan member before the Clans Battle appears in the “Soon to be active” block.

If during the Competition one of the competing Clans is disbanded, it loses all points earned, and the Clan that remains becomes the winner and continue to earn points for completing tasks except for destroying enemy warriors.

For victory in the Clans Battle, you get:

  • Bonuses that speed up construction, Knowledge learning and resource transformation in the Clan Stronghold
  • Town Skins (received by Jarls who have earned at least 1 point in their Clan)
  • Resources (received by Clan Chiefs, the amount of resources depends on the Clan's League)
  • Rewards for passing checkpoints in the Competition by Clans (received by Jarls who have earned at least 1 point in their Clan)
  • Gold (received by Clans who have taken prize positions in the Clans Battle rankings)

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