How to join a Clan
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Clan Regulations
How to create and disband your Clan

How to create and disband your Clan

A player may create their own Clan and become its Chief. To do so, they must not be a member of any other existing Clans.

Click Clan and select “Create Clan”. Then you need to choose a full and short name for your union and its Shield. After you have created your Clan, you may choose the type of admission (open or regulated).

After creating a Clan, a player automatically becomes its Chief. If later you wish to leave the Clan you’ve created, you will have to disband it first (you can do this in the “Management” tab):

In addition, the “Management” tab allows you to delegate your powers to another Clan member. By delegating your power to another clansman, you can avoid disbanding the Clan.