In Vikings: War of Clans, all players can create unions – the Clans. Members of the same Clan can send each other resources and reinforcements to help defend their Towns together, and also participate in Onslaughts – joint attacks on other players.

How to join a Clan
How to help your clansmen
How to create and disband your Clan
Clan Regulations

How to join a Clan

There are two ways to join a Clan: 1. Join a Clan with open admission, or 2. Send a request to a Clan with regulated admission and wait for a response from the Chief or the Elders.

After you join a Clan, you get access to aid for your clansmen, clansmen battles, the Clan Store, Onslaughts and other things.

You gain Prowess Points and Loyalty Points by helping your clansmen and completing Clan tasks.

Prowess Points are necessary for the Chief and the Elders to buy items from the Item Catalogue for the Clan Store, where you can purchase various items for Loyalty Points.

There are five titles for Clan members:

Chief, Elders, Warlords, Warriors and Rankers.

Titles have their own special features:

Everyone higher than a Ranker can see if other clansmen are online or offline.

The Elders can purchase items from the Catalogue, expel players from the Clan and also have access to the Clan menu.

The Chief has all the privileges listed above, also they are the only member that can edit the Clan Regulations section, but can also transfer power to another Clan member or disband the Clan.

If you are a member of a Clan, you may leave it at any time (“Quit Clan”).

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