Global Map

Global Map

Wastelands are locations where you and other players may transfer your Towns. Clicking a currently free location opens a pop-up window asking you if you wish to place your Town here.

You can attack or spy on the Towns of other players displayed on the Global Map.

Resource locations allow you to replenish your corresponding stock of resources.

Invaders and Uber Invaders are a special type of enemy on the Global Map. If you attack them, you get valuable rewards in the form of standard and special materials, which you can use to craft equipment for your Hero, and also resources and other bonuses. Invader Lairs and Uber Invader Lairs are places where you get resources and materials. These locations appear on the Global Map after you or another player destroys Invaders or Uber Invaders.

Ghosts are mystical opponents on the Global Map. You can banish Ghosts with the help of a Shaman and receive rewards, such as valuable items, resources and rune fragments used to create runes that grant various bonuses. Ghosts' Shelters are locations for yielding resources and rune fragments. They appear on the Global Map after you or another player has banished a Ghost. 

A resource location may be already taken by some other player when your troop comes in. In this case your troops fight with the troops of the player that arrived first.

All of your warriors’ marches are displayed on the Global Map: reinforcements, convoys, espionage and attacks. The distance is covered via the shortest possible route, i.e. as the crow flies.

The Global Map also displays the Landmarks, which you place next to the locations you’re interested in.