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Fighting Gloom

Fighting Gloom

When entering a new chamber, you may face a Warrior of Gloom or a Creature of Gloom. In this case, you will be automatically redirected to the battle window, which displays:

  • The "Retreat" button.
  • The icon showing the Champion's current health. Selecting this icon will take you to the Champion tab in the Champion's Abode.
  • The panels for selecting zones to attack (on the left) and defend (on the right).
  • Info about your opponent.
  • The battle history panel.
  • A panel with buttons for the various battle modes and the countdown timer for selecting attack and defense zones.

Vassals of Gloom vary in terms of their level and stats. The higher the level, the more difficult the enemy is to defeat. Regular enemies, such as Warriors of Gloom, are marked in gray, green, blue, and purple. The most powerful enemies — Creatures of Gloom — are marked in red.

You can either fight or retreat. Please note: if you retreat, you leave the Catacombs, and your exploration progress for the node will be lost. Also, if during the battle you quit the game or your connection is lost, your exploration progress for the node will not be saved.

Battles against the powers of Gloom play out step by step. Both the Champion and their opponent have an equal number of zones for attack and defense: head, chest, arms, stomach, and legs. Each turn, you need to select both a zone to attack and a zone that you wish to defend.

The number of zones the Champion can attack or defend in one turn can be increased by equipment bonuses. For example, when you select the head, the chest can be automatically added; when you select the chest, the arms are added; when you select the arms or legs, the stomach is added; and when you select the stomach, the legs are added.

You can battle manually or in auto mode.

If you decide to fight manually, then a certain amount of time is allotted for selecting attack and defense zones. The selected attack zone is highlighted in red, and the selected defense zone is highlighted in green. You can change your choice as long as there is still time remaining.

If you make your choice but don't hit the "Battle" button, or don't make any choice at all, the Champion will miss a turn.

When using auto battle mode, the Champion automatically selects the zones for attack and defense.

The enemy's attack and defense zones are always selected automatically and randomly.

The outcome of each turn is described in detail in the Battle history panel. It describes all the actions performed by the Champion and their foe:

  • Successful hits
  • Successful critical hits
  • Blocked hits
  • Blocked critical hits
  • Dodged hits
  • Missed turns

This panel is located in the right-hand part of the window. All messages are sorted by time: the oldest are at the top, and the newest are at the bottom. You can scroll through them and read the whole course of the battle.

Every successful hit by the Champion reduces the enemy's health bar, and every successful attack by the enemy depletes the Champion's health. The damage dealt is displayed in red numbers for several seconds. Please note: a critical hit on a protected zone still results in some damage being done.

If the enemy dies, this is counted as a victory for you, and you receive Champion's experience and various trophies as a reward. Should you lose, you leave the Catacombs of Helheim, and all of your exploration progress for the node is lost.

If you defeat the Creature of Gloom, the node is regarded as passed and you get access to the next node. Please remember, however, that three stars are awarded for destroying the Creature of Gloom, exploring all chambers in the node, and saving a certain percentage of the Champion's health.