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Hero's Skills

Hero's Skills give additional bonuses to a wide range of important parameters that directly affect the combat stats of your troops led by the Hero and the economic stats of your Town.

There are three types of Skills:

  • Main — these improve the stats of your Town and troops
  • Against Invaders — these improve the Hero's stats when fighting Invaders
  • Special — these improve the Hero's stats at level 61 and higher

To upgrade a Skill, hit its icon. Skills available for upgrade have a bright colorful icon, unavailable Skills are colored gray.

To upgrade the Hero's Skills, you need Skill points. You can get them by increasing the Hero's level and upgrading the Hero's Abode to level 21, 26, 31, and levels 32–35. Upgrading the Hero's Skills doesn't require resources or Gold and is performed instantly. The Skills icon displays a total counter that indicates the number of Skill points available for distribution.

The Skills in each category are set out in a specific sequence. To unlock some Skills, you need to first upgrade the previous Skills connected with it.

You can also unlock such Skills instantly, and upgrade all required previous Skills at the same time. Please note: in this case you'll spend the number of Skill points required to open all Skills in the chain.

If the requirements for upgrading a Skill are not met, then the required number of Skill points (the number is shown in red) will be displayed in the upgrade cost block.

If the requirements for upgrading a Skill are met, the upgrade cost block will display the number of points available for distribution. Hit the "Upgrade" button to increase the selected Hero stat by one level. You can also upgrade the Skill to the maximum by using all the required Skill points.

If a Skill is upgraded to the maximum level, its cost and upgrade block is not displayed in the Hero window.

Please note: you can upgrade Skills from the Special category only once your Hero has reached level 61.

Increase stats to suit your playing style by upgrading necessary Hero's Skills.

You can save certain Skill and equipment combinations in Hero's Sets. You can read more about this in the next subsection.

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