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A Drakkar is a special item you can use to move your Town to another Kingdom, making it your home Kingdom.

You can purchase Drakkars as part of Bank offers.

To move to another Kingdom, the following requirements must be met:

  • The selected Kingdom is at least 100 days old and there are available spaces
  • Your account was created more than 2 months ago
  • Your Palace is level 21 or higher
  • No more than 300M of each resource is stored in your Town
  • You are not a Clan member
  • You don’t have any active marches or troops in garrisons
  • It’s been more than 30 days since you last used the Drakkar item

The number of items required for moving depends on the place you’ll take in the Influence ranking in the Kingdom you selected. The more Influence you have, the higher your ranking will be and the more Drakkars you’ll need.

Use the Drakkar wisely: it will only become available again 30 days after you last used it