The ability to use items wisely to get the most out of bonuses will help you to achieve incredible success in Town development and the art of war.

Novice’s Relocation
Hero’s Double
Town Skin
Prophet and Second Craftsman
Hero Disguise
Guard Payoff
Domain Guard

Novice’s Relocation

You must use this item before you reach level 6.

To relocate your Town, go to the Global Map by tapping its icon at the bottom left of the Town Map screen. Then choose the desired location of your Town, select a space on the Global Map and confirm the relocation by tapping the “Apply” button in the window that appears. In the same way, your Town can be relocated to another Kingdom, but first you have to go to the Kingdom Map and select the desired Kingdom.

You cannot relocate your Town if your warriors are currently marching, yielding resources in one of the resource locations or have been sent as reinforcements to another Town or location.