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Domain Guard

The Domain Guard is a special item that allows you to temporarily prevent attacks on captured resource locations. It applies to all locations where your warriors are yielding resources, including Invaders' Lairs, Uber Invaders' Lairs, and Ghosts' Shelters.

You can also activate the protection of a location in the Garrisons tab of the Shrine of Odin by selecting the troop which is yielding resources.

You can get the Domain Guard in the Kingdoms Battle: Revenge global Competition as a reward for the following achievements:

  • Personal — if your Kingdom wins
  • Clan — regardless of the Competition outcome

The items vary by duration:

  • 1-Hour Domain Guard
  • 3-Hour Domain Guard

If several items are applied, their durations are added together. For example, if you activate the 1-Hour Domain Guard item and then activate the 3-Hour Domain Guard item, the location where your troops are yielding resources will be protected for 4 hours.

Important! If your troop leaves the protected location (you recall the troop or the troop has finished yielding), then the Domain Guard will cease to protect the location.