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End of the Kingdoms Battle: Fury

End of the Kingdoms Battle: Fury

If you are in an enemy Kingdom when the Competition ends, you'll be automatically relocated to your home Kingdom to the place of your Town's Echo — the object that saves your territory on the Global Map while you're in an enemy Kingdom.

Important! Jarls who permanently moved to another Kingdom using the Novice's Relocation or Drakkar items during the Competition are not relocated automatically when the Competition ends.

If when the Kingdoms Battle: Fury ended you were performing an attack or any other actions, they will be canceled, your troops will return immediately, and your Town will be relocated to your home Kingdom.

Rewards in the Kingdoms Battle: Fury are divided into four types.

  • Rewards for checkpoints (1–10). Jarls who are Clan members and earned at least one point in the Competition receive them. Expand each checkpoint block to see the reward.
  • Rewards for legendary checkpoints (11–15). These are received by Jarls who earn a certain number of points in personal achievements during the Competition. These checkpoints are outlined with a yellow border in the Competition window. Please note the relation between personal achievements and rewards for legendary checkpoints: if you don't earn any points in personal achievements, you won't receive a reward for legendary checkpoints. You can read detailed information about personal achievements in the Global Competitions subsection (Competitions section).

  • A reward for a top place in the Kingdoms Battle: Fury Competition ranking. All members of the winning Clans receive a reward depending on the League they're in and the place they took in the Competition.
  • A reward for victory in the Kingdoms Battle: Fury. Special level 9 Gifts of the Gods resource locations appear in the Kingdom that took 1st place, and level 8 Gifts of the Gods appear in the Kingdom that took 2nd place. All Jarls from the winning Kingdoms also receive increased bonuses. You can learn more about them in the corresponding block of the Events window.

The Gifts of the Gods exist for 5 days from the moment they appear or until the location runs out of resources. If when the location expires your troops are located there, it will disappear after they leave it.

Please note: a limited number of locations appear on the Global Map. After they've been yielded fully or their time expires, new locations don't appear on the Map.

Yielding speed in level 8 locations is 10 times higher, and 20 times higher in level 9 locations. By yielding resources in these locations, you can receive Coffers of the Gods containing Obsidian or Gold Nuggets. These items are necessary for learning the Tier VII Warriors Knowledge and upgrading buildings between levels 32 and 35. You can check the number of available Coffers in the My Items tab.

If Kingdoms earn the same number of points, they are arranged by Kingdom number in the winners' list. The lowest-numbered Kingdoms take the top places. If some Kingdoms don't earn any points at all, they're also arranged in numerical order.

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