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Towers of Fury

Towers of Fury are special Fortresses that appear only during the Kingdoms Battle: Fury. They contain resources and neutral troops that guard a Fortress.

Towers of Fury have 12 levels in total. As the Fortress level increases, so does the amount of resources it contains and the number of defenders it has.

Please note: Only Towers of Fury of the same level can be in a Kingdom at the same time. All Towers that are already on the Global Map must be plundered in order for higher-level Towers to appear. This must be done before their time in the Kingdom expires.

You can find Towers of Fury using the mini-map or the Navigator (searching for them is only available during the Kingdoms Battle: Fury).

Only Clan members can take part in battles for Towers of Fury.

If Towers of Fury are in your home Kingdom, you can:

  • Attack them
  • Send an Onslaught there
  • Send scouts there
  • Defend Towers by sending reinforcements (if a Fortress is occupied by a clanmate)

If Towers of Fury are in the enemy Kingdom, you can:

  • Attack them
  • Send an Onslaught there
  • Send scouts there

Battles for Towers of Fury allow you to:

  • Get Soul Shards for destroying warriors from other Kingdoms and neutral troops that defend the Fortresses
  • Plunder resources
  • Earn points in the Competition

Also note that a Tower of Fury can only have two states: intact and destroyed. If a Fortress is successfully attacked at least once, it will catch on fire and will continue to burn until it disappears from the Global Map. In addition, reinforcements can be sent to Towers regardless of their status.

A Tower of Fury disappears from the Global Map if:

  • All resources were plundered from it
  • Its time in the Kingdom has expired
  • The Competition has ended

Please note:

  • If resources remain after reinforcements have left the Tower, it won't disappear, and it can be attacked again.
  • If a Tower of Fury disappears from the Global Map while a troop is marching to it, this troop will turn and go back to the Town after reaching the place where the Tower of Fury was.
  • If a Tower of Fury disappears when there are reinforcements in it, the Jarls' troops will return to their Towns.
  • If a Jarl holding a Tower of Fury is expelled from the Clan, then that Jarl's troops will also return to the Town.
  • If a Jarl sends reinforcements to a Tower of Fury and this Fortress is captured by another Clan, the Jarl will receive a message saying the Jarl's troops didn't reach their goal, and the troops will return to the Town.
  • Tower defenders (neutral troops) guard a Fortress together with the Jarl who has captured it and occupy one reinforcement slot by default.

The red level marker is displayed above a Tower of Fury. For the Jarls whose Clan is holding the Fortress, the marker turns green and is displayed together with the Clan Shield and Clan name.

Report features

Reports about attacks, espionage, and Onslaughts on a Tower of Fury differ slightly from standard reports.

  • If an attack or an Onslaught was successful, the trophies block is added to the report. This shows the number of Soul Shards received.
  • If an attack or an Onslaught failed, the information about who was holding the Tower of Fury is not displayed.
  • If there were only defenders in the Tower of Fury when an attack or an Onslaught was successful, the Tower of Fury icon (instead of a Clan name) is displayed in the enemy information block. Hit the icon to open the Fortress information window.
  • Regardless of whether espionage was successful, information about the enemy is not displayed.
  • If there was another Clan in the Tower of Fury, warrior stats are not displayed in the detailed information.

Reports about successful battles for a Tower of Fury are similar to those for the Place of Power. You can learn more about them in the Place of Power section.