Knowledge gives you substantial bonuses to core stats, which are invaluable when it comes to fighting hostile players in a world where no ally can be fully trusted.


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Knowledge Categories

Knowledge falls into categories:

- Hero — this Knowledge substantially improves the combat stats of your troops led by the Hero, speeds up the crafting of Hero's equipment, and increases the amount of experience the Hero gains.

- Economic Knowledge improves the economic stats of your Town.

- Military Knowledge improves the combat stats of your troops and allows you to train more powerful warriors.

- Espionage Knowledge allows you to train scouts and improve their combat stats. You need them to obtain valuable information about your enemies.

- Training Knowledge allows you to reduce the time and resources required to train your warriors and improve their key stats.

- Invaders – this kind of Knowledge increases the battle performance of your Hero during fights with Invaders and Uber Invaders.

To see more details about a specific kind of Knowledge, click its icon in the corresponding category. The kinds of Knowledge that are currently available for upgrade have brightly colored icons. Those which cannot be upgraded at the moment have gray icons.

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