Espionage, attacks, sending resources and reinforcements are carried out by sending marches. The Shrine of Odin allows to perform marches and keep track of all your troops movements.

A march can be led by a Hero. Their presence increases various troop stats.

A march can be sent without a Hero (for example, your Hero is currently engaged in another march, reinforcement, etc.) However, you need at least one warrior to send a march – you cannot send a Hero alone. Exception: the Hero is sent alone to attack an Invader or Uber Invader.

Upgrade the Shrine of Odin to be able to send several simultaneous marches, as well as to increase the maximum number of warriors on each of the marches.

You may choose the location you wish to attack or to spy on, or send a resource convoy or reinforcements to, in the following ways:

  • choose a location on the Global Map
  • choose a location in the Navigator (Watchtower building)
  • choose a location from the Landmarks list
  • choose a player from your Clansmen list (to send reinforcements or a convoy)

You may send your march both with and without a Hero. The Hero’s presence boosts the effectiveness of attacks and espionage, improves the fighting stats of reinforcement troops, and increases carrying capacity during pillage and yielding, etc. To send your Hero on a march you must check the box next to their picture.

You may choose your warriors manually or automatically select all of them by clicking the corresponding button. If the number of warriors in the Town exceeds the maximum troop headcount, the troops will be selected in equal numbers of each troop type.

A march can be sped up with a help of boosters.,

You can find all the information about the outcome of the march in reports sent to your Mail.

When you successfully attack a resource location, your troops stay there to yield resources. In the meantime, another player may attack the same location. If this happens, your troops will fight the incoming troops of the other player.

The Town of another player may be surrounded by a protective aura. This means that the Town has concluded a Peace Treaty and you cannot attack or spy on this location until the Peace Treaty expires.

Please note that even a successful attack on the Town of a Jarl whose Palace is below level 6 won't bring you trophies in the form of resources.