The War Bloc allows you to form and participate in Onslaughts – joint attacks by members of one Clan on other players, who can be Clan members or individual players.

To form an Onslaught you have to enter the Global Map, find the site to attack and click the “Onslaught” button, then choose the start time. After that the standard window for forming attack troops will open.

When a player forms an Onslaught, the other Clan members can join in. They need to open the Onslaughts tab in the War Bloc building and click the “Participate” button in any of the free troop slots.

Please note the instant Onslaught function. There is no need to wait for the timer, you can start the Onslaught immediately even with an incomplete number of troops!

There are 4 slots available by default for the troops of other participants in the Onslaught, but the number of the slots can be increased by unlocking the additional boxes with the help of a special item.

The total number of troops in an Onslaught depends on the War Bloc level in the instigating Jarl’s Town, and the size of each troop sent by Clan members to participate in an Onslaught depends on the Shrine of Odin level in their respective Towns.

Use the "Warrior Number in an Onslaught" boost to summon 120% or 300% more warriors to an Onslaught that you are forming.

Please note that the bonuses of your Hero/Hero’s Double and Shaman can only be applied to the troops under their command. On one Onslaught you can send either one unit of troops led by the Hero/Hero’s Double and Shaman or two units of troops: one led by the Hero/Hero’s Double and one led by the Shaman.

Initially, only one Onslaught can be formed in the Town. To form more Onslaughts, you need to:

  • Increase your Shrine of Odin level to the one that allows you to dispatch 2 or more marches
  • Use the Hero's Double item and/or summon a Shaman

You can form a new Onslaught right after the first Onslaught’s troops led by your Hero/Hero’s Double and/or your Shaman have started moving towards their target.

While the troops sent by other Jarls to participate in the Onslaught are in the instigator’s Town, they act as reinforcements and will participate in defending the Town if it is attacked during that time.

All troops that survive the Onslaught return to their own Towns.

A special window will be displayed if you try to form or participate in an Onslaught without meeting any of the conditions required to do so. If a player cannot participate in the Onslaught for any reason, a special pop-up window explaining why the action cannot be completed will be displayed.

An Onslaught can be cancelled for the following reasons:

  • There is the Peace Shield active in the attacked Town.
  • The Town being attacked has been relocated.
  • The player being attacked is no longer a Clan member, and their Palace is below level 15.

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