The ranking allows all Jarls to observe their gaming progress and successes in comparison with other Jarls.

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Clans ranking

This ranking displays Clans' stats in several categories:

  • Influence — based on the number of Influence points earned by all Clan members, and the Influence of the Clan Stronghold.
  • Clans Battle — based on the number of victories in the Clans Battle global Competition.
  • Killing enemy warriors — based on the number of warriors defeated by a Clan's members. If this achievement is the same for two or more Clans, their position in the ranking is determined by the Clans' Influence.
  • Clan performance — based on the number of top places taken by a Clan in clan and global Competitions, the number of checkpoints passed in clan and global Competitions, and the number of victories in the Clans Battle.

Please note: up to Palace level 21, you can see only the rankings of Clans from your Kingdom. From level 21, global rankings become available, which include Clans from all Kingdoms.