General Information
Shaman’s Equipment
Shamans’ Skills

General Information

Shamans are your enigmatic associates who lead your troops on marches, add special economic bonuses and enhance the combat performance of your warriors. You can receive rune fragments for banishing Ghosts on the Global Map only with the help of the Shamans.

To summon a specific Shaman, you need to have a sufficient quantity of special items — Charms. You can purchase them as part of Bank offers and in the Clan Store for Loyalty Points (only the Charms of Baggi the Big).

These items are also needed to increase the Shaman’s Initiation stage. The higher the stage, the more significant the bonus the Shaman’s abilities give and the higher the level the Shaman can reach. There are six Initiation stages in total.

The world of Vikings offers several Shamans, each with different abilities, but only one Shaman can be active at a time. Develop your Shamans in accordance with your style of play. Switch between your Shamans and change your tactics. To see more details about Shamans, go to the Hall of Mysteries.

The Bonuses tab displays specific information about the selected Shaman’s abilities and other bonuses that improve your Town's economic properties. In order to receive more bonuses, you need to upgrade the Shaman’s skills, increase their Initiation stage and craft equipment for them.

The Skills tab displays the selected Shaman’s Skill tree. You need Skill points to improve your Shaman's Skills. You earn these when your Shaman levels up.

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