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End of the Kingdoms Battle: Revenge

End of the Kingdoms Battle: Revenge

If you are in an enemy Kingdom when the Kingdoms Battle: Revenge ends, your Town will be automatically relocated to the place of your Town's Echo (the object that saves your territory on the Global Map while you're in an enemy Kingdom) in your home Kingdom.

If you are performing an attack or any other action when the Kingdoms Battle: Revenge ends, it will be automatically canceled, your troops will return immediately, and your Town will be relocated to your home Kingdom.

Rewards in the Kingdoms Battle: Revenge are divided into four types:

  • Rewards for checkpoints. These are received by Jarls who are Clan members and have earned at least one point in the Competition. Expand each checkpoint block to see the reward.
  • Reward for a high ranking in the Kingdoms Battle: Revenge Competition. If a Clan took a top place in the ranking, all Clan members who earned at least one point in the Competition receive a reward. The reward depends on the Clan's League and the place taken by the Clan.
  • Rewards for personal achievements. These are awarded to all Jarls of the winning Kingdom who are Clan members and who have earned the corresponding number of points. The value of these rewards depends on the League the Jarl is in and on the checkpoint they have passed. Rewards for personal achievements are awarded after the Competition ends.
  • Reward for victory in the Kingdoms Battle: Revenge Competition. The winning Kingdom is rewarded with Gold of the Gods — special resource locations. When yielding resources in these locations, Jarls can get Invaders' materials. In addition, all Jarls in the Kingdom receive bonuses — you can find more information about them in the corresponding block in the Events window.