The Place of Power

The Place of Power is a special location that can be captured by any Clan. Capturing and holding the location gives Clan members additional bonuses.

The Place of Power
Capturing and Holding the Place of Power


Reputes can be positive or negative. Positive Reputes improve some of the Jarl's characteristics and negative Reputes reduce them.

The Konung who is occupying the Place of Power can bestow one of 25 Reputes upon any Jarl in the Kingdom. Each Repute is valid for 3 hours as long as the Place of Power's status does not change to Siege. After a Repute has been bestowed upon a Jarl, it cannot be transferred or canceled.

Info about a Repute that has been bestowed can be viewed in the window containing information about the Jarl. The Repute is marked next to the player's avatar accordingly.

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