VIP Status

VIP status provides a range of valuable bonuses. The number and significance of these bonuses increase with each VIP level.

To activate VIP status or reach the next level, you must have a certain number of VIP points, which can be purchased for Gold or received as a reward for performing certain in-game actions.

By clicking the VIP status icon, you'll get access to the following information:

  • Whether VIP status is active or not
  • The current VIP status level and what bonuses it grants
  • How many VIP points are required to reach the next VIP level

Please note autocompletion of Personal, Clan and Premium Tasks. These bonuses will save you time and allow you to quickly get rewards for completing Tasks. After VIP level 15, you will get access to improved bonuses: you will be able to claim all the rewards of the selected Task type by clicking the "Complete and claim all" button.