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Boosts are special items that allow you to temporarily upgrade various game stats. You can find the list of boosts and detailed information about them in the Boosts window. To open it, hit the corresponding icon on the right side of the screen.

There are five tabs in the Boosts window: Military, Resources, Development, Hero/Shaman, and Favorites. To get quick access to boosts and Aesir, add them to Favorites by hitting the star button.

In the Favorites tab you can also see whether a boost is activated and the status of your Aes (summoned or recovering).

Boosts affect only processes that are started after an item has been activated.

For example, you applied the "1-Hour Resource Yielding Speed-up, 75%" boost. Troops that were in resource locations before the boost was activated will continue yielding resources at the same speed. But for the troops that will start yielding after the item has been activated, the process will speed up by 75%.

Boosts have a limited duration. After a boost expires, the corresponding stat will return to its previous value.

Let's suppose you are preparing to attack another Jarl's Town and activate the "10-Minute Increased Offense, 45%" boost. During the next 10 minutes, your attack will be more powerful, but when this time elapses, the offense stat will return to its previous level. Remember: the boost must be activated before the battle starts. 

The durations of boosts are added together. For example, you activated two Town Skins at once: Warrior's Fortress, 24 Hours and Warrior's Fortress, 7 Days. In this case, the bonuses will be active for 8 days.

The bonuses from boosts are not added together. For example, you used two "1-Hour Warrior Training Speed-up, 10%" items. The speed will increase by 10%, but the effect will last not one, but two hours.

Boosts that affect the same stat but have different bonuses replace each other.

Let's suppose you activated the "1-Hour Warrior Training Speed-up, 10%" boost first, and then the "1-Hour Warrior Training Speed-up, 20%" boost. The first one will stop working and the second boost will start working. That is to say, the final added value to the training speed will be 20%, and the duration (1 hour) counter will be restarted.

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