The Clan Stronghold
The Stronghold construction
The Stronghold buildings
Unique resources
Exile from Valley of the Aesir
Studying Drafts and crafting


The Clan Stronghold is a special building any Clan can construct. Inside the Stronghold, it is possible to construct special buildings, learn additional Knowledge and also get unique resources necessary for further development.

The Clan Stronghold is surrounded by the Valley of the Aesir. By placing their Towns in its territory, the Clan members can get additional bonuses and advantages.

Note that the processes taking place in the Clan Stronghold are not influenced by:

  • bonuses that can be seen in the Events window
  • active boosts
  • bonuses received from the active Town skin
  • bonuses received for victory in the Kingdoms Battle that influence all Jarls in the victorious Kingdom
  • activated “Second craftsman” and “Prophet” items.