The Clan Stronghold
The Stronghold construction
The Stronghold buildings
Unique resources
Exile from Valley of the Aesir
Studying Drafts and crafting

The Stronghold buildings

The following buildings can be constructed and upgraded in the Clan Stronghold.

House of Jarls

Here you can view the Stronghold summary and statistics. Upgrading the House allows you to construct other buildings and upgrade their level. As the House of Jarls is upgraded, the Valley of the Aesir area is also increased along with the bonuses' amount and value.

Shamans' Residence

The Shamans' Residence allows you to learn Knowledge that increase the Stronghold’s vitals. Upgrading the Residence level provides access to new Knowledge and speeds up the learning process.

Resource Storage

The Resource Storage is necessary for storing resources and Scrolls given by the Clan members as well as the unique resources produced in the Yards. Upgrading this building allows Jarls to transfer more resources for contributions simultaneously.


Yards are necessary for transforming common resources into the unique ones: Food into Ale, Lumber into Timber, Iron into Steel, Stone into Plates and Silver into Thoriars respectively.



Supreme Thing

The Supreme Thing is a building in the Clan Stronghold which allows any Clan member to relocate enemy Towns out of the Valley of the Aesir. The higher the Supreme Thing’s level, the larger its dominion — the area from which you can exile unwelcome Jarls.

Arms Guild

The Arms Guild is a building in the Stronghold where Drafts of battle attire are studied. Drafts allow each member of the Clan to craft special equipment for their Hero in their Town's Forge.