Clans Battle
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Clans Battle

The Clans Battle is a global Competition held between Clans from different Kingdoms. To win the Competition, one of the Clans must earn more points than the other in as many categories as possible. If the opponents succeed in an equal number of categories, the Clan that earned the most points overall wins.

You can read all the necessary information about the Clans Battle in the following ways:

  • Open the Competitions tab in the Events window and hit the icon marked "Clans Battle"

  • Hit the icon of the active Clans Battle global Competition on the Global Map or Kingdoms Map

  • Check "The North Today" news window

The Clans Battle takes place both in your home Kingdom and the opposing Clan's Kingdom. Town relocation from one Kingdom to another is performed under the same principle as in other global Competitions (see the Kingdoms Battle: Fury section).