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Competitions are special contests in which Jarls receive various rewards for participating. In every Competition, you need to complete certain tasks: train warriors, destroy enemy troops, yield resources, etc.

To view the list of Competition tasks, go to the Events window and select the required Competition. The Info tab will show you all tasks, the number of points you can earn for completing them, and the rewards.

Competitions can be personal, clan, global, and legendary. In the Events window, personal Competitions are marked in green, clan Competitions are marked in blue, global Competitions are marked in red, and legendary Competitions are marked in yellow.

Jarls take part in personal Competitions on their own, and in clan Competitions as part of their Clan. The Clans Battle global Competition is held between Clans from two different Kingdoms. In the Kingdoms Battle, Kingdoms Battle: Revenge, and Kingdoms Battle: Fury global Competitions, different Kingdoms participate. All Jarls can take part in them regardless of whether they are Clan members or not.

The Battle for the Throne legendary Competition is held in Jotunheim. To relocate to the icy world, you need to be a Clan member and have a Palace of level 21 or above.

Personal and clan Competitions are not connected. However, if the tasks in the Competitions happen to overlap, points for completion are awarded in all Competitions at once. This rule doesn't apply to legendary Competitions held in Jotunheim.