The Hero

The Hero leads your troops on marches adding special bonuses to the offense, defense and combat performance of your warriors.

You can view all of the information about your Hero in the Hero's Abode. The Hero's Abode levels 21, 26 and 31–35 give your Hero additional Skill points.

You can also change the Hero's name and appearance here.

The Bonuses tab allows you to view precise information about which Town stats are increased. To get these bonuses you must upgrade the Hero’s Skills.

The “Skills” button allows you to view the complete list of existing Skills and upgrade them if you have Skill Points available.

Hero’s Equipment

Each Hero has a number of slots for specific equipment: Armor, Helmet, Weapons, Boots and Amulet. These items will boost the combat stats of the Hero and the troops they lead.

Gems and runes increase the Hero’s equipment bonuses. You can carry out the inlay process in the Workshop.