Jotunheim Competitions
Monsters of Jotunheim


Jotunheim is a world of giants and eternal ice. Relocate to it during the legendary Competition, and you will be able to take part in the Battle for the Throne and fight the Monsters of Jotunheim for Coffers of trophies.

Jotunheim is not displayed on the Kingdoms Map, and you cannot go there by searching for it by Kingdom number.

There are five ways to view the Map of Jotunheim. (Please note: the first three ways can be used only during the Battle for the Throne.)

1. Open the Events window, go to the Competitions tab, and select the Battle for the Throne Competition.

2. Open the Events window, go to the "Invaders, Ghosts, and bonuses" tab.

3. Hit the Battle for the Throne Competition icon on the Global Map.

4. Hit the Jotunheim icon on the Kingdoms Map.

5. Hit the Jotunheim icon in the game Menu.

You cannot open the Jotunheim Map while it is updating.

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