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Scoring points

Points in the Kingdoms Battle: Fury are earned in both home and enemy Kingdoms. Points are awarded for the following actions:

  • Destroying warriors from enemy Kingdoms
  • Yielding resources in resource locations in enemy Kingdoms*
  • Attacking Invaders, Uber Invaders, and Ghosts in enemy Kingdoms

* Towers of Fury are Fortresses and not resource locations, so plundering them won't count in this task.

Important: you can attack warriors from your home Kingdom who are currently in an enemy Kingdom, but this won't earn you any points. Points are earned for destroying neutral troops.

Points are awarded to all Jarls, Clans, and Kingdoms that participate in the Competition. Kingdom points are the total number of points earned by all Jarls from one Kingdom.

Jarls cannot find out the number of points earned by enemy Clans and Kingdoms until the Competition ends.

From the moment the Competition is announced and until it ends, points are awarded under the following rules:

  • Jarls who are Clan members earn personal points, Clan points, and Kingdom points
  • Jarls who are not Clan members earn only personal points and Kingdom points
  • Jarls who join a Clan after the Competition is announced don't receive Clan points, but earn personal and Kingdom points
  • Jarls who quit their Clan or are expelled from it during the Competition don't receive Clan points but earn personal and Kingdom points
  • Jarls who change their home Kingdom don't earn any points

Important! Jarls receive a reward for personal achievements after the Competition ends only if their Kingdom took 1st or 2nd place in the Competition.

If tasks in the Kingdoms Battle: Fury are the same as the tasks in clan or personal Competitions, then the Jarl earns points for all Competitions.

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