Material types and combining


In the Forge, you can craft Hero's and Shamans' equipment. You need materials to do this.

There are two kinds of materials:

  • Standard
  • Special

Get standard materials as a reward for:

  • Completing Tasks
  • Attacking Invaders and Uber Invaders
  • Capturing resource locations on the Global Map
  • Opening the Chest of Loki

You can also purchase Coffers of materials:

  • In the Clan Store for Loyalty Points
  • In the Item Store for Gold
  • As part of Bank offers

To get special materials:

  • Attack Invaders and Uber Invaders
  • Yield resources in Gifts of the Gods locations, and in Invaders' and Uber Invaders' Lairs
  • Purchase Coffers containing the Barbarian's or the Centurion's materials in the Clan Store

Special materials are used for crafting Invaders' equipment, which gives more bonuses than standard equipment.

You can find out what materials you have in the Forge. To do this, go to the Stock tab, then to the Materials section.