VIP Status

VIP status gives you a range of valuable bonuses, the number and effectiveness of which increase with each VIP level. There are 30 levels of VIP status.

VIP status is activated automatically when you reach a new VIP level or apply special VIP Status Activation items.

To reach the next VIP level, you will need to earn a certain number of VIP points. You can get them:

  • In the Item Store for Gold
  • In the Clan Store for Loyalty Points
  • As a reward in some Competitions
  • As a gift from the King of Jotunheim (King's Gifts: VIP Points)
  • As part of Bank offers

Attack Invaders and Uber Invaders, banish Ghosts, and claim the reward for loyalty when entering the game — this way you will earn even more VIP points.

VIP status is active for a limited period of time. After it expires, the bonuses from the status disappear, while the number of VIP points and your VIP level don't change.

By hitting the VIP status icon, you'll get access to the following information:

  • Whether VIP status is active or not
  • The current VIP status level and what bonuses it grants
  • How many VIP points are required to reach the next VIP level

To find out what bonuses you'll get by reaching a certain VIP level, hit the VIP status icon, then the "VIP level bonuses" button. Next, select the level you'd like to see the bonuses for.

If your VIP status is active, you can complete Premium Tasks. After your VIP status expires, all Premium Tasks disappear from the list, except those that are being completed at the moment or ones that you have already completed, but haven't claimed the reward for yet. Personal and Clan Tasks remain unchanged until the timer refreshes. You can read detailed information about Tasks in the corresponding section of "How to play".

Some levels of VIP status also allow additional Personal, Clan, and Premium Tasks.

At certain levels of VIP status, various ways of autocompleting Tasks are available to you. These bonuses save you time, allowing you to instantly complete Tasks and get rewards for it.

From VIP level 7, you will get the Personal Task Autocomplete bonus, from level 8 you will be able to autocomplete Clan Tasks, and Premium Tasks from level 13.

The All Task Autocomplete bonus is available from VIP level 17. By only hitting the "Claim all" button, you receive rewards for completing all Tasks of the selected type.

From VIP level 17, you can instantly fuse gems of a certain class for free, and from level 18 you can fuse runes. When this bonus is active, a section with free fusing is displayed instead of the section with the "Fuse" and "Instantly" buttons.

Please note: military VIP status bonuses affect the Onslaught initiator and the reinforcement troops only while the status is active.