Warrior upgrades
Siege troops


Troops are necessary for defending the Town, attacking other Jarls, plundering resource locations, and sending reinforcements to your clansmen.

To start training troops, you need to build at least one Barracks. The more Barracks you have in your Town, the more warriors you can train at once.

There are two ways to train warriors: the first way requires time and costs key resources, and the second happens instantly and costs Gold.

Please note: boosts from the Warrior Training category and items that speed up in-game processes allow you to train warriors much faster.

There are 5 main troop types:

  • Melee
  • Ranged
  • Cavalry
  • Killer
  • Siege

Scouts are a special type of warrior. They are the only unit who can spy on other Jarls' Towns and resource locations, providing you with important information on enemy troops and protecting your Town from enemy scouts.

Each warrior type has its strengths and weaknesses. By knowing these strengths and weakness, you can form your troops to ensure their maximum effectiveness against the enemy.

Tapping on the warrior's image in the Barracks allows you to see their characteristics. In each warrior's window, you will see the tier and type they belong to, their offense, health and defense stats, upkeep cost, training time, speed, and capacity.

You can improve your warriors' characteristics by learning Knowledge in the Oracle, crafting equipment in the Forge, developing Hero and Shaman's Skills, using Town Skins, and by activating VIP status.

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