Terms and Conditions for Participation in the Support Program for Streamers and Content Creators of Vikings: War of Clans

These Terms and Conditions (the "Terms") set out a legal agreement between you and Plarium Global Ltd ("Plarium") for participation of Streamers and Content Creators (hereinafter each individually referred to as the "Participant", and collectively as the "Participants") in the Support Program for Streamers and Content Creators of Vikings: War of Clans (the "Program") and establish the rights and obligations of the parties (hereinafter each individually referred to as the "Party", and collectively as the "Parties").

Please note that your acknowledgement that you have read and agreed to these Terms will not make you a participant in the Program. This agreement will become legally binding only once you have received written confirmation from Plarium via email that your participation in the Program has been approved.

  1. Definitions
    1. "Game" means Vikings: War of Clans.
    2. "Administrator" means the official representative of Plarium who interacts with the Participant by email or via other channels of communication.
    3. "Application Form" means the form that is available on the Game's support portal and that is needed in order to apply to participate in the Program.
    4. "Channel" means the Participant's channel on a video-sharing or streaming platform (YouTube or Twitch).
    5. "Streamer" means a person who webcasts a video about the Game in real time on a video-sharing or streaming platform (YouTube or Twitch) in the Program.
    6. "Stream" means the webcasting by a Streamer of a video about the Game in real time on a video-sharing or streaming platform (YouTube or Twitch).
    7. "Content Creator" means a person who creates a video about the Game within the Program and posts it on a video-sharing or streaming platform (YouTube or Twitch).
  2. The Program
    1. The administration of the Program and the terms of participation are set forth on the webpage of the Support Program for Streamers and Content Creators of Vikings: War of Clans, which is available at https://support-portal.plarium.com/streamers/en/landing, and are attached as Annex 1 to these Terms (the "Program Terms").
    2. The level of support to which the Participant will be eligible according to the Program Terms shall be determined at the end of each month by the Administrator, and the support shall be granted to the Participant in accordance with the Program Terms once the level has been determined.
    3. Plarium will have the sole discretion in the manner in which it provides support to the Participant in accordance with the Program Terms. At Plarium's discretion, the Participant can also receive additional support.
    4. The additional support for organizing joint events with Plarium that is available under the Program Terms will be subject to full coordination with Plarium in advance of the joint event and to the specific rules and directions that will be provided to the Streamer by Plarium for the event.
    5. The Program will remain in force until Plarium decides upon the Program's termination. This does not derogate from Plarium's right to suspend or discontinue the participation of the Participant in the Program earlier, as provided in these Terms.
    6. Plarium can change or update the conditions of the Program at any time, at its absolute discretion, by notifying the Participant via email.
  3. Proprietary Rights and Licenses
    1. Neither Party acquires any rights in or to any trademarks, copyrights, patents, trade secrets, logos, service marks, or any other intellectual property rights belonging to the other Party, except as expressly provided herein.
    2. The Participant ​hereby grants Plarium a limited, royalty-free, worldwide, sublicensable right and license to use, reproduce, publicly perform and display, distribute (either directly or through third party distributors), and otherwise publish the Participant's Streams and videos, as well as links to the Participant's Channels, solely in connection with the performance of these Terms. Such license shall survive the termination of these Terms.
  4. Stream and Video Content
    1. All Streams, videos, and their content must be the original creative work of the Participant, and/or the Participant must be the sole owner of the Streams, videos, and their content.
    2. The Participant shall ensure that all Streams and videos shall not contain the following content:
      1. Tobacco (for example, cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigars, pipes, chewing tobacco, etc.).
      2. Illicit drugs and drug-related products (for example, marijuana, vaporizers, etc.).
      3. Alcoholic drinks or consumption thereof.
      4. Adult content (for example, nudity, depictions of sex or characters in explicit or suggestive positions, or depictions of activities that are overly suggestive or sexually provocative).
      5. Sexism and gender-related degrading humor.
      6. Depiction of children in any sexual reference.
      7. Torture, mutilation, or sadism.
      8. Violence and abuse (physical or verbal) toward children, animals, or unarmed characters.
      9. Bad language.
      10. Slanderous or libelous content.
      11. Politics (for example, use of actual countries, flags, political issues, political figures, reference to real historic wars and conflicts, etc.).
      12. Religion (for example, use of real religion signs, symbols, clothing, figures and leaders, religion-related buildings or sculptures, degrading humor of religion, content that exploits sensitive religious issues, etc.).
      13. Gambling.
      14. False content.
      15. Insensitivity to or discrimination against people based on personal attributes such as race, ethnicity, color, national origin, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, family status, disability, medical or genetic condition.
      16. Promotion of racism, bigotry, hatred, or physical harm of any kind.
    3. The Streams, videos, and their content shall not violate copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property or proprietary right of any other party, or any third-party privacy right, right of publicity, or any other intellectual property rights.
    4. The Streams, videos, and their content shall not contain data or information denigrating Plarium, its business reputation, employees, representatives, the Game, or any other game of Plarium.
    5. The Streams, videos, and their content shall not contain data or information that encourages actions in violation of the Game's Terms of Use (including any information about scams within the Game, unlawful reviews or refunds), the sale and/or trade of in-game virtual goods (currency, resources, and items), the sale of Game accounts, or include any reference to webpages that contain the aforementioned information.
    6. The Participant shall specify the Game's full name "Vikings: War of Clans" in the headings of the Streams and videos and/or their descriptions.
  5. Rules of Conduct
    1. The Participant shall abide by the rules of the relevant platforms where he/she streams or posts videos (YouTube, Twitch).
    2. When participating in the Program, the Participant shall not:
      1. Engage in any fraudulent activity or other activity that would falsely or artificially increase or affect the number of Channel subscribers or content views.
      2. Violate the Terms of Use of Plarium or incite users to violate them.
      3. Use the intellectual property of Plarium for commercial purposes, and post or voice announcements of an advertising nature.
      4. Disclose information in respect of which the Administrator has notified the Participant by email, in social networks, or via a messenger that the information is confidential and/or cannot be disclosed.
      5. Use programs that influence the Game process or their modifications, such as cheating programs or hacking tools, or recommend their use.
      6. Ask users for information in order to get access to their accounts, or disseminate people's personal data without their prior consent.
      7. In any way violate the content restrictions set forth in section 4 above.
    3. When participating in the Program, the Participant may:
      1. Use in the Streams and videos on his/her Channel materials that contain the intellectual property of Plarium, namely, available information and content, including characters, images, storylines, interface, and sounds of the Game, for the period of participation in the Program and subject to the terms set forth in these Terms.
      2. Choose topics for the Streams and videos and the manner of representing the content at his/her own discretion; express his/her opinion on the game mechanics, images, and events as long as this does not violate other conditions set forth in these Terms.
      3. Invite guests and other Participants to host the Streams and make videos, subject to their compliance with these Terms.
  6. Disclosure Requirements
    1. The Participant will ensure that all Streams, videos, and their content will clearly and conspicuously disclose any relationship between the Participant and Plarium in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations, and in compliance with the most recent Federal Trade Commission Guidelines on Guides Concerning the Use of Testimonials and Endorsements in Advertising ("FTC Guides"), including any updates, additions, modifications, or supplemental guidance to the FTC Guides, and as reasonably directed by Plarium.
    2. The Participant will comply with all applicable laws and regulations in connection with the Streams and videos, including the FTC Guides, and all terms of use, privacy policies, and other terms, rules, or policies that are applicable to YouTube or Twitch where he/she streams or posts videos.
  7. Data and Privacy
    1. The Administrator may from time to time request statistics on Streams, videos, and the Channel from the Participant's account in the format suitable for Plarium. To the extent possible according to the rules of the relevant video-sharing platform or social network platform, the Participant hereby agrees to provide these statistics no later than five working days as of the date of the request of the Administrator. Personal data will not be requested as part of the statistics that are gathered.
    2. Plarium may use third-party programs and services for collecting Channel and Streaming statistics, including data on the Participant's username on YouTube and Twitch and his/her location.
    3. By agreeing to the conditions of these Terms, the Participant consents to the processing of his/her personal data under these Terms, as provided under Plarium's Privacy and Cookie Policy available at https://plarium.com/en/privacy-and-cookie-policy/.
    4. The Participant undertakes to provide the Administrator his/her real and current contact information and give the Administrator timely notice of any changes thereto.
  8. Term and Termination
    1. This agreement shall remain in full force and effect as long as the Participant is a participant in the Program. This agreement shall automatically terminate in the event of either of the following, whichever happens earlier: (i) termination of this Program; or (ii) the Participant is notified about the termination of his/her participation in the Program.
    2. Plarium may suspend or discontinue the Participant's participation in the Program at any time, for any reason, with one day's prior notice, and without compensation or liability, including but without limitation, when:
      1. The Participant has violated the conditions specified in these Terms.
      2. The Participant has failed to respond for more than 14 days to an approach made by the Administrator using the contact information provided to the Administrator.
      3. The Participant's Channel no longer meets the minimum requirements of participation in the Program according to the Program Terms.
      4. The content of the Channel does not correspond to Plarium's conception of quality and up-to-dateness according to the Program Terms.
      5. Plarium has a reasonable basis to assume that the Participant engages in fraudulent activity or other activity that would falsely or artificially increase or affect the number of Channel subscribers or content views.
  9. Confidentiality
    1. The Participant shall not, except as required by law or other regulations, disclose to any third party the terms of this agreement, including the details of the support provided under the agreement and/or all information disclosed by Plarium under this agreement, without Plarium's prior consent.
  10. Anti-Bribery
    1. The Participant hereby represents, covenants, and warrants that he/she shall not violate any applicable laws in regards to anti-corruption, anti-bribery, and money laundering (any such violation being a material breach of this agreement) and shall promptly notify Plarium in writing in the event of any actual or alleged violation of such laws.
    2. If the Participant receives any requests for bribes from any third party relevant to this agreement, the Participant shall promptly report this request to Plarium.
    3. The Participant hereby represents that he/she has not been offered payment or benefit to enter into this agreement, except those contractual benefits expressly set out in these Terms.
  11. General
    1. This agreement may be concluded by demonstrating assent in an electronic form and will be binding between the Parties.
    2. Both Parties agree that they will not contest the validity or enforceability of these Terms because it was approved in electronic form.
    3. The Participant will not be deemed to be an employee, agent, partner, or legal representative of Plarium. The Participant will not have any right, power, or authority to create any obligation or responsibility on behalf of Plarium.
    4. This agreement does not create any obligations for the Participant without prior written confirmation by Plarium of the Participant's participation in the Program. The aforementioned confirmation should not be withdrawn unjustifiably.

Annex 1

About the Program

Do you like playing Vikings: War of Clans? Do you create videos on YouTube and Twitch? Or maybe you're only starting to think about launching your own channel? If so, we would like to thank you for your active participation in the life of our project and we'd like to invite you to apply for the Support Program for Streamers and Content Creators!

What do I need to do?

Create videos about Vikings: War of Clans and get well-deserved rewards.

How do I become a participant?

  1. Read the terms of the Program.
  2. Send a request.
  3. Wait for the administrators' response.

Is my channel suitable for the Program?

Your videos should be original and of high quality. The topics should include new game mechanics, Competitions, lifehacks for Town development and Clan management, and other questions that are important to the Vikings: War of Clans community.

We also take into account:

  • The number of subscribers
  • The number of views
  • The number of videos about Vikings: War of Clans

All Program participants are divided into four levels of support. The minimum requirements are listed in the table below (even if you comply with them, that doesn't mean that you will automatically become a participant in the Program).

Program participant requirements Jomsviking
Number of videos about Vikings: War of Clans minimum 3 per month minimum 5 per month minimum 8 per month minimum 8 per month
Number of channel subscribers more than 100 more than 1,000 more than 3,000 more than 5,000
Total number of Vikings: War of Clans video views per month more than 500 more than 4,000 more than 10,000 more than 20,000
Period of participation in the Program - - - a minimum of 3 months
Following the Program's rules and guidelines is mandatory.
Content related to Vikings: War of Clans must comprise no less than 30% of all videos on your channel.
Participant benefits Jomsviking
Reward for joining the Program + + + +
Posting a link to the participant's channel on the official game forum + + + +
Monthly reward in the form of in-game items and resources + + + +
Priority technical support + + + +
Direct communication with a Program coordinator + + + +
Access to the Program's Discord server + + + +
Holding events together with the game's administrators on general terms (giveaways, news teasers, and more) + + + +
Holding additional events together at the discretion of the game's administrators - + + +
Additional bonuses in the form of Gold, resources, and items at the discretion of the administrators - + + +
Help with the visual design of the participant's channel - - + +
A gift for the participant's birthday - - + +
Exclusive information - - - +

When joining the Program, each participant receives a one-time reward in the form of Gold depending on their level.

Reward for joining the Program
Gold Jomsviking
100,000,000 200,000,000 400,000,000 1,000,000,000

The participants also receive the following monthly reward in the form of in-game items and resources:

Monthly reward
Packs of your choice from the list of available ones 1 pack 2 pack 4 pack 5 pack
* All packs are equivalent to special in-game Bank offers costing $99.99.

What if I have several channels on different platforms?

If you create game-related content on two or more platforms, you can receive an additional bonus in the form of in-game valuables. The views of all your channels on different platforms will be added together in the Program statistics.

Please note: you will have to choose one main channel. We will check up on it regularly in order to make sure that you meet all the requirements for participating in the Program.

How does the level distribution system work?

To begin with, every Program participant undergoes a one-month probation period, during which the participant is considered a Jomsviking (level 1 content creator). That is necessary in order for all the participants to get acquainted with their coordinator and the other participants, as well as to learn all the rules and features of the Program.

After the probation period is over, the participant is assigned a level that corresponds to the relevant metrics, according to the tables presented above. Let's say that you host two streams and create three short video clips per month, with no fewer than 4,000 views in total for all of them, and your channel has 1,100 subscribers. In this case, you become a Berserker (level 2 content creator), and you will receive a one-time reward of 200M Gold.

If after a month your channel still meets the necessary criteria, this Berserker level will become officially permanent, and you will start receiving the corresponding monthly reward. Your further development within the Program depends solely on you and your metrics.

Which topics can I cover in my videos?

We appreciate your love for Vikings: War of Clans and respect your personal style. You choose what you do: stream a Place of Power Onslaught, discuss the game's mechanics and visuals with your subscribers, create useful guides and reviews, or just cover the latest events in the game. The format and presentation of content are up to you.

How do I apply?

To participate in the Program, you need to fill in a special form. We will review your application and contact you by email if your content meets the Program requirements. Note: only individuals who have reached the age of 18 can participate in the Program.

By sending your application, you confirm that you have carefully read and agreed to the terms of participation in the Program, and that you also agree with all the information displayed on this page. The administrators reserve the right to make decisions about participants' joining of the Program, to change the Program rules and time period, and to take final decisions in the event of any disputes connected with the Program.

What other rules apply to Program participants?

All participants must respect others and be decent, honest, and polite.

Participants mustn't violate the Plarium Terms of Use, encourage others to violate them, or take part in scams.

Participants must make sure that their streams don't show or contain the following:

  • Violence, physical or verbal abuse, or slander
  • Drugs or banned products, alcohol, or tobacco products
  • Any form of discrimination
  • Erotic or pornographic content
  • Disclosure of other people's personal data
  • Harm to or harassment of others

Participants mustn't disclose any confidential information they receive from a Program coordinator.

We want to create a comfortable environment for all players, and we expect that you will share our commitment and values.

You can read more about the conditions for participating in the Vikings: War of Clans Support Program for Streamers and Content Creators via the link: http://support-portal.plarium.com/streamers/en/agreement.

We look forward to receiving your application!