Leader's Secrecy

Leader's Secrecy — a category of special items that enable you to temporarily hide your Leader's Equipment from other Commanders.



Nobody will be able to see your Leader's Equipment for a period of 1, 8 or 24 hours, depending on the item that has been applied.

You can buy these items at the Clan Resource Base for Efficiency Points and as part of Bank offers.

You can apply these items using one of the following ways:

1. Open the Items window, go to the My Items tab, then to the Military section. Once there, you will need to find the Leader's Secrecy item and activate it.

2. Activate in the Boosts section.

Important: if you apply items that each have a different duration, their action time will be added together. For example, if you apply the 1-Hour Leader's Secrecy item and then activate the 8-Hour Leader's Secrecy item, the bonus that hides the Leader's Equipment will be effective for 9 hours.

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