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Novice's Relocation

Novice’s Relocation is a special item that allows you to relocate your Town to a selected place in any Kingdom. All Lords get this item free at the beginning of the game. 

Novice's Relocation is available for 14 days after you started the game. You can apply this item until your Palace reaches level 6.

Town relocation is performed on the Kingdom map. Tap the Kingdom icon on the Town screen to go to the map.

When you are on the Kingdom map, select a plot of land you like and which is unoccupied by any Lords or locations, then in the new window tap "Apply" to place your Town there.

Novice’s Relocation works in all Kingdoms according to the same principle. Just select a Kingdom on the World Map.

Please remember that you cannot use relocation if your troops are on a march or at any other place outside your Town.