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Exile from Valley of the Aesir

The Supreme Thing is a building in the Clan Stronghold which allows any Clan member to relocate enemy Towns out of the Valley of the Aesir. The higher the Supreme Thing’s level, the larger its dominion — the area from which you can exile unwelcome Jarls.

To exile an enemy, you need a certain number of special Wax Seal items. These can be purchased:

  • In the Item Store
  • In the Clan Store for Loyalty Points
  • As part of Bank offers

You also have a chance to get them by attacking Uber Invaders.

When you have enough Wax Seal items, you can select a Jarl’s Town located within the dominion of the Supreme Thing and click the “Exile” button in the window that appears. After that, the Town will be relocated from the Valley of the Aesir to a random point on the Global Map.

Please note that you cannot exile an enemy in the following situations:

  • The Jarl’s Town selected for exile was relocated to another point in the home Kingdom or to a foreign Kingdom during a global Competition
  • You were expelled from the Clan
  • The Chief destroyed the Clan Stronghold
  • The Chief disbanded the Clan
  • The Jarl selected for exile has become a member of your Clan
  • You have relocated your Town to a foreign Kingdom during a global Competition

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