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The Catacombs are Helheim's dark dungeons, into which only the Champion can venture. The Catacombs consist of several floors, each of which is represented by a chain of nodes. Your Champion needs to explore all the nodes on a floor in order to proceed to the next floor.

A floor can consist of 3 to 10 nodes. For passing all the nodes, you receive a Floor Coffer. To claim the rewards contained in it, hit the corresponding button. Floors on which you haven't claimed the Coffers will have a special marker.

Also, when you pass a floor, you instantly receive permanent bonuses that improve the military stats of your Town. The floor is considered passed if every node on it has been explored with at least one star.

Stars are awarded as follows:

  • One star is awarded for destroying the Creature of Gloom.
  • Two stars are awarded for destroying the Creature of Gloom and completely exploring a node: opening all chambers, finding all Coffers, and defeating all enemies.
  • Three stars are awarded for destroying the Creature of Gloom, completely exploring a node, and saving a certain percentage of the Champion's health.

To enter a node, you will need the Mark of Resolve item, which can be obtained in the following ways:

  • Complete daily Quests
  • Claim your daily reward in the Bank
  • Purchase it as part of Bank offers
  • Destroy Warriors of Gloom in the Catacombs
  • Open Coffers of Gloom
  • Pass floor nodes
  • Open Floor Coffers

A node consists of a number of chambers. For exploring these chambers, you receive bonuses, rewards, and Champion's experience. The screen for a chamber shows the following:

  • The button that returns you to the Floor screen.
  • The icon showing the Champion's current health. Selecting this icon will take you to the Champion tab in the Champion's Abode.
  • The mini-map, which shows the closest chambers. Selecting the mini-map will open a full map of the node.

The full map of a node shows a plan of its chambers, their location relative to each other, and the icons of what you found there.

A chamber can be empty, or contain a Coffer of Gloom or one of the hostile manifestations of Gloom. When an enemy appears, you will start fighting right away.

Coffers of Gloom are part of the treasure that lies within the Catacombs. You can find various items and materials for the Helheim Forge contained within them. To open a Coffer, just press on it.

Warriors of Gloom are Vikings who died an inglorious death, having succumbed to fear. For defeating Warriors of Gloom, you receive trophies and Champion's experience.

Creatures of Gloom are ancient monstrosities that have devoured many lost souls. By defeating them, you will earn the most valuable trophies and be able to proceed directly to the next node, without having to open the remaining chambers.

If you decide to leave the Catacombs before you finish exploring the node you're on, you can save your progress. Then, when you return to the node from the Floor screen or when proceeding from the Town into Helheim, you will immediately be presented with the "Continue exploration" button and will be able to continue exploring the chamber from wherever you saved your progress. In addition, you won't have to spend Marks of Resolve to enter it.

If you lose your connection or close the game, your node exploration progress will be saved. If this happens during battle, your progress will also be saved, and you will continue the battle after returning to the node. The previous battle history will be lost, however.

Depending on how many stars you receive for passing a node, the following actions will be available to you:

  • If you got one star for passing the node, you can continue exploring it to receive more stars or pass it again from the very beginning. Please note that if you start exploring the next node, when you return to the current node, you will start exploring it again from the first chamber.
  • If you got two stars for passing the node, you can pass it again to improve your results and receive three stars. You need to return to the Floor screen and select the node again. In this case, you will start exploring it from the first chamber.
  • If you got three stars for passing the node, then you are taken back to the Floor screen and can select the next node for exploration. In addition, auto mode becomes available to you for passing the current node again.

Remember that the number of nodes you pass with three stars affects building upgrades in Helheim.

When you pass the nodes again, the best result is saved. For example, if you receive one star the second time you explore a node that you previously passed with two stars, the previous result of two stars will be retained.

You can pass nodes again several times. The counter for available attempts is refreshed at regular intervals. For nodes that you passed with three stars, auto mode is available.

Auto mode allows you to pass a node a selected number of times over a specified period. To do so, you will also need Marks of Resolve. In this mode, node exploration is always successful, and you will receive a general report about all the trophies that you received in your mail.