Espionage, attacks, sending resources and reinforcements are carried out by sending marches. The Shrine of Odin allows to perform marches and keep track of all your troops movements.

March features
Troop Sets


Espionage is a type of march where you don't attack a Jarl's Town but instead send your warriors to scout.

Espionage features:

  • Scouts cannot go on attacks, Onslaughts, or resource yielding. They can only fight other scouts, and these battles also bring points in Competitions.
  • Espionage will be successful if your scouts defeat the enemy scouts. When your enemy doesn't have scouts, a march is always successful. Your opponents receive a report only if there was a battle between your and their scouts.
  • Information about scout marches is duplicated in the "Clansmen's battles" section of the Clans window.
  • A scout troop moves much faster than a regular military march. A Jarl targeted for espionage cannot see the approaching scout troop on the Global Map. The Watchtower also doesn't give warnings about espionage.
  • If scouts who are defending the Town win, then the Jarl conducting the espionage doesn't receive any information.

If your espionage attempt succeeds, you will receive a report in your mail containing information about the following:

  • The enemy Jarl
  • Troops in the Jarl's Town (type and number of warriors, active bonuses)
  • The Jarl's resources
  • The Hero and Shaman, if they were in the Town during the espionage (Hero's and Shaman's levels, active bonuses)

Please note: the report shows the amount of resources you can take if your attack succeeds. This amount takes the Vault bonus into account.

You can improve your scouts' stats using Knowledge, Skills, equipment, Shaman Wendla-of-Shadow, some Aesir, and boosts.