Resource buildings
Resource locations on the Global Map


By using resources, you can construct buildings, learn Knowledge, train and upgrade warriors, fuse gems, craft Hero's and Shamans' equipment, enhance certain Aesir, and maintain your troops. There are five types of basic resources: Food, Lumber, Iron, Stone, and Silver. There is also one special resource: Gold.

You can replenish your resources in the following ways:

  • Produce them in special buildings in your Town
  • Yield them in resource locations on the Global Map
  • Plunder them in other Jarls' Towns
  • Receive them in convoys from your clanmates
  • Steal them from Towers of Fury (only during the Kingdoms Battle: Fury Competition)

Important! When attacking a Town whose level is lower than 6, you won't get resources even if your attack is successful.

You also have many opportunities to get resources as a reward. To do this:

  • Regularly open the Chest of Loki
  • Attack Invaders and Ghosts
  • Complete Quests and Tasks
  • Open the Jarl's Coffers that you receive for upgrading the Palace
  • Yield a large amount of resources in resource locations or fully exhaust resource locations
  • Win global Competitions

Please note:

  • Only the Chief gets resources for winning the Clans Battle, and the amount of resources depends on the League the Clan belongs to, and on the total number of points earned by all Clan members in the Competition
  • A Jarl who wins the Battle for the Throne Competition receives 10B each of Food, Lumber, Iron, and Stone, 8B Silver, and 8M Gold
  • The Chief of the Clan that holds the Place of Power receives 10% of the Silver stocks of all the Chiefs in the Kingdom

In addition, you can purchase resources in the Clan Store, in the Item Store, and as part of Bank offers.

Unlike basic resources (Food, Lumber, Iron, Stone, and Silver), you cannot produce Gold in resource buildings, obtain it by attacking other Jarls' Towns, or send it to your clanmates in convoys.

You can get Gold for:

  • Attacking and destroying Invaders, Uber Invaders, and Ghosts
  • Reaching a new Hero level
  • Passing checkpoints in Competitions and taking a top place in the rankings
  • Opening the Chest of Loki
  • Visiting the game regularly (reward for loyalty)
  • Winning contests held in the official communities
  • Synchronizing your account with your Facebook profile*

* You receive Gold only once: if you sync your account with a Facebook profile that already has an account linked to it, you won't get the reward.

You can also purchase Gold in the Bank and yield it in special Gold Fields and Gold of the Gods resource locations on the Global Map.

The amount of resources that can be carried by a troop sent to a resource location or to an enemy Town depends on the total capacity of your warriors. You can increase this stat by means of VIP status, Knowledge, and Hero's/Shaman's Skills and equipment. Capacity is also increased when a special boost is active — this is displayed in the Bonuses section of the Events window.

Please note: if you want upgraded Skills to influence your warriors' capacity, you need to send a troop on a march with your Hero and/or Shaman.

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