The Kingdoms Battle
Town Relocation
Scoring points
The end of the Kingdoms Battle


The Kingdoms Battle is a Global Competition in which players from different Kingdoms compete against each other. You can find out all the information you need (the Competition's start and end times, tasks, and so on) by going to the Events window and selecting Kingdoms Battle.

The Kingdoms Battle is divided into three phases, which each last 24 hours. To win a phase, the Kingdom must earn more points than its opponent. A Kingdom wins the Competition by gaining the upper hand in two phases.

Any Jarl can take part in the Kingdoms Battle Competition. You should bear in mind that Jarls who are not Clan members will not be able to get into the enemy Kingdom using the Great Relocation item, although they can score points by defending against or attacking enemy Towns that relocate to their home Kingdom.

You can find out which Kingdom you will face in the Kingdoms Battle as follows:

  • By opening the Kingdoms Map (your Kingdom and that of your opponent will be connected with an arrow).
  • By opening the Events window, then the Kingdoms Battle Competition window. Your opponent will be displayed in the Kingdoms tab (tapping your opponent's Kingdom will open a window with the "Go to" button).

Attention! Kingdoms created less than 30 days ago do not take part in the Kingdoms Battle.

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